Why Do More Engineers Qualify At UPSC Civil Service Exam?

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Engineering graduates prepare for the JEE examination and further during graduation, it gives an edge to clear the UPSC civil service examination. They gain analytical skills earlier by preparing various competitive examinations. The UPSC 2020 results shows that 6 out of 10 toppers are from the engineering background. Engineering graduates don’t require IAS coaching in Chennai as they are well trained with good analytical skills. 

They have placement offers but still they choose to join the administrative services. Some engineering graduates start their preparation right after their graduation. They even quit their placements offers and corporate careers and become involved in the preparation of civil services examination. 

The number of engineers who qualify the UPSC examinations are on the increase in the last 10 years. The numbers have much increased in the following year. The officers with engineering degrees have been put into the graduate category. 

IITians dominate the UPSC merit list:

Many students from IIT qualify the UPSC examination. Due to the interest of the IIT students, the institution has started regular counselling and knowledge sharing sessions for the aspirants. There has been an increasing inclination towards the civil services by the students. Students aspire for better opportunities and have an increasing consciousness to serve the society. The coaching centres also help students to achieve success. The Top 10 IAS academy in Chennai are giving better coaching for the students who aspire to reach greater heights. Individuals from both the corporate career and the civil services want to build stronger communities. Whereas the civil servants have the direct access to do so. This is really an advantage for the students to serve the nation with better cause. 

Analytical skills:

Better analytical skills helps in qualifying in the prelims stage of the civil service examinations. These engineering graduates are on the edge of preparing various entrance examinations. Hence they qualify for the prelims in the IAS exam. Certain students who have cleared the exam state that the 4 year engineering studies qualify them with good analytical skills. Bangaloreans look out for the top IAS coaching In Bangalore as there is a demand of coaching for civil services examination.   

However, irrespective of their career, it is the strong determination and hard work of the candidate that pays off in the final examination. 

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