What is Uipath and, how it is unique in Robotic Process Automation?

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What is Uipath and, how unique is it in Robotic Process Automation?

Technology is grooming day by day. The world is changing into a digital transformation. To settle the needs of the companies and industries many tools are being developed in the automation process. The new tool in Robotic Process Automation is Uipath. 

It is a reliable, robust, and smart tool that utilizes automate repetitive tasks. This article gives you an idea of What is Uipath and, how it is unique in Robotic Process Automation? Learn this in detail at Uipath Online Training.

About RPA

RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation. The use of RPA has been increased and manpower has been reduced. A few examples of RPA are calculators, records, transactions, etc.


Uipath tool is one of the best RPA tools used in the industry to provide an end-to-end solution. Daniel Dines is the one who founded the tool Uipath in the year 2015. It helps in regenerating tedious tasks to an automatic process with multiple tools. 

Why is Ui preferred over other tools?

In industry, we have many tools like waive, blue prism, selenium, etc. Uipath works effectively in web applications. It has limitations while being used in desktop applications. To cover the desktop applications, these are the process to be known.

Desktop applications

Remote applications



Desktop Applications

It is a unique innovation related to other industrialization tools.

Remote applications

It is more flexible and capable of desktop applications. 

The process of handling the information is better than other techniques. Learn Uipath Online from SkillsIon to know the concept of how Uipath plays a better role in RPA.

Compared to other tools, Uipath is better than for the methodology process. 


It is cheaper compared to other tools. 


Users don’t have to do monotonous businesses using the Uipath tool. 

Here there are two methods used in Uipath they are UserActivites and UserEvents


The work done through mice and keyboards comes under user activities. There are various activities like logic, Excel, CSV, Email, etc. Hundreds of activities are there that qualify complicated tasks.


It is for both androids and humans. When the user acts, the robot gets connected and does its tasks.

Career Scope for Uipath

For Uipath Developer, the package is $50,000 to $65,000. The salary package depends upon the experience, locations, and demand.

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