What is the difference between essay writing and short stories?

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What is the difference between essay writing and short stories?

The essay is the art of writing information in a particular format. The structure of the essay is simple and it is subject oriented writing. Introduction, body, and conclusion are the structure of the essay. The opinion of the writer is presented along with the factual information. Let me discuss in detail about what is the difference between essay writing and short stories?

Essay writing

As a part of school studies, the students learn the essay writing. Essay writing topic differs from class to class depending upon the maturity of the student. Some of the topics for the middle school is like the dangerous animals, dangerous sports and the unbreakable record in the sport. Essay writing for the college is like the documentation to be done with the court, the most suitable age to have a right to vote, and is gun control is the best option to control the crime rate all around the world are some of the topics in essay writing.

Short stories

The short story is written with the incident and it revolves around the different types of the characters. The impact of the story creates the interest to the reader to read the story. In a short story, there will be character and actions or events.

Comparison of the essay and short story

The short story is short in length and essay writing is long in length. The short story is narrative whereas the essay writing is descriptive. The plot, action, and characters are some of the differences between essay and short story.  An essay does not have a plot; a short story has a plot. In the essay, the flow of information are wisely present but there is action in the various behavior of the character in the short story. In the essay, there are no characters whereas in a short story there is a number of characters revolve around the main character.

Structure of the short stories

The point of view of the story is very important and it helps the reader to travel into the thoughts of the writer. Generally, short stories need flashback or flash forward to make it interesting to the readers. The first line and the last line are very important lines to catch the attention of the readers. The story is roughly composed of exposition, conflict, rising action, climax, and denouement. The emotions and the expressions convey the meaning to the readers.

Structure of the essay

Essay structure is the set of ideas and arguments regarding a topic. The introduction, body and the conclusion are the three parts of the essay. The introduction paragraph is an attention-grabbing idea, a statement which is practical, and a preview you discuss in the body paragraphs. The body paragraph opens the subject, support the details, an explanation with examples from the real world. When coming to the conclusion the reverse hook and restatement is given, rephrase the main topic, and call to action or global statement are mentioned.

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