What is Ethical Hacking and What are the Tools Used Recently?

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What is Ethical Hacking and What are the tools used recently?

The word Hacking may seem like an oxymoron, but hacking is real. If hacking cracks the security protocol without permission, then hacking cracks the security with permission. Learn What is Ethical Hacking and What are the tools used recently? at Ethical Hacking Online Training.

Educational Hacking

Educational hacking is nothing but when someone lets you hack their sites. Many of them can use the information obtained from these websites for immoral purposes, which is not the specific intent of the service. Let us see about the tools in detail. The tools, of ethical hacking help in gathering the information. 

Tools Used in 2021


Axunetix is used for automated web application security testing. It helps in auditing the web applications like SQL, injections, and other vulnerabilities. Uses the HTTPS protocol to scan any website or web application. 


Nmap stands for Network Mapper. This hacking tool preferred to gather information about the targeting systems. Nmap works on Mac, Linux, and Windows, etc. Because of its searching and scanning abilities, it has gained huge demand in the hacking community.


It is a kind of framework written in Ruby format. It serves as a public resource for recognizing security imperfections and developing code. Ethical Hacking Online Course guides the students on the importance of the tools used in hacking. It is similar to other tools for hackers to hack the targeted system. It is the best hacking tool.


This tool helps to analyze the traffic in a real-time process. This hacking tool helps in detecting the network security of the systems. SkillsIon, the best online platform to learn about Hacking. When the networks are in the sniffed model, they will be able to check the errors manually.


It is a part of Karl Linux Distribution. The Nikto tool is used to scan web servers and run several tests on the stipulated remote host. The command-line interface makes it extremely simple to conduct vulnerability testing on target.


It works like a detector in the hacking tool. This tool can work wirelessly with the mode sniff like 802.11, 802.11g, etc.


It is a free command-line written in python language. The central object of this tool is to find the flaws in web applications. 


This hacking tool is used for cracking passwords. The best tool to check the security of the operating systems.

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