What are the common methods in writing?

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What are the common methods in writing?

Writing takes multiple forms depending upon the subject and the channel in which it is used. There are so many interesting subjects to write like the sensational subject and the higher study subjects. The demand for the writer is more as there is an evolution of news every day and research of the subjects which aids for the invention. The structure and the style differ depending upon the readers and the channel in which it is displayed. Expository, descriptive, persuasive, and narrative are the broadly used styles of writing. Let me discuss in detail about the common methods in writing.


Expository style of writing is the common type and it is used to explain the concept and information to large group of audience. This is a detailed explanation of the topic and the writer assumes that the learner has no prior knowledge.

This is compared to the spoon feeding and it is easy to provide huge and different types of information with this type of writing. Some of the expository styles of writing are the description, sequence, comparison, and solution to a problem.

Where used

This type of learning is used in the newspaper, magazines, textbooks, an article on the websites. Here the topic is explained as like a layman’s view.


This method is used to convey the information in multiple ways. Explaining the subject with five senses such as hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling and touching shows the beauty of the subject to the learners.

Where used

This type of writing is used in poetry, diary writing, and advertisements.

Persuasive writing

This writing is used to argue about something or to convince regarding the concern raised from a person. Here the author gives reasons or evidence to the arguments.

Where used

This writing is used in cover letters, newspaper articles, and reviews of a product, complaint letter, advertisements, and a recommendation letter.


Narrative writing is used in explaining the different stories. Narrative writing aims at writing the real scenario. In times of interaction with the client directly or through website writing with reason and short is important. Narrative writing is about something happened in the real life and it is short in nature.

Where used

This type of writing is used in oral histories, novels, poetry, short stories, and anecdotes.

The structure and the style makes the content interesting and convey the subject to the readers in an efficient way. The above-said styles help the writers who are writing the e-books, website blog, article, and news writers to do their job with a high degree of interest.

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