The Top Ten Tips For The Awesome And SEO-Friendly Blog Post

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In Seo, writing a blog requires skill. The content of the page should be interesting and valuable to the users. If the content is interesting, the rank for the page will increase. To improve the ranking of the page, improve writing skills. To know more about the top ten tips for the awesome and SEO- friendly blog post, get into SEO  Course Online.

Do Keyword Research

Before writing, the main thing to perform is keyword research. After the performance of the keyword, researching focuses on the keywords to write the blog.

Tips for writing SEO-friendly blog post

Think before writing

Before writing, think twice. What is the idea of the article? What is the message you want to give to the user? The search results for the research term you want to rank for will give some insight. 

Structure of Post

For the SEO blog, the main thing is structure.

  1. sort of introduction 
  2. a body 
  3. a conclusion

Information conveyed in particular parts should be proper.

Paragraphs And Heading

Paragraphs and headings make the content a better look. The paragraph should have its ideas and thoughts. To make a paragraph in the SEO blog writing, make more sentences to explain the main idea. Add subheadings to each content to make a good look. Join Online SEO Training to develop writing skills.

Transition words

As people scan through a document, transition words help them understand the relationship between sentences and paragraphs.

Related Keywords

Try to use related keywords, try not to stuff the keywords to make the article look bad. When Google recognizes synonyms and other keywords related to the focus keyphrase, it can determine the topic of the text. Hence, throughout the copy, make use of synonyms and related keywords

Optimization of the Article

The length of the blog SEO should be more than 300 words. When you are a skilled writer, you can write more than 350 to 400 words. Google-like long articles and if the content is good it ranks on the first page.

Link to Existing Content

If the content is written for the same topic, don’t forget to link the old content to the new one. The link structure is important for Google to rank.

Read the Blog

Before publishing the blog, ask someone to read and make the corrections. It helps to correct the mistakes and how often you should blog for SEO ideas suggested.

Update the content

Update the content as possible for six months once. It helps to rank the page very quickly. Join Seo Learning Online to learn how to write SEO-friendly blog posts.

Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO plugin’s analysis tool helps write blog posts that are both readable and SEO-friendly. To begin, select the most important search term for which you want people to find this particular page on the internet.

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