Teaching English in Foreign Countries

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Teaching English in Foreign Countries

A job at a foreign country is a daydream to many Indians. There are so many questions arises when searching for a job abroad. The demand for the students with technical knowledge and language knowledge is high as many jobs are created with technical back up and language support. The cross-cultural knowledge and the ability to be contented to human nature are some of the qualities needed to work abroad. The demand sets the standard needed for any job. Different countries have different rules regarding language teachers. Let me deep dive into the topic Teaching English in Foreign countries and provide the learners about some interesting questions frequently asked by the job seekers.

College degree

In foreign countries like Western Europe, the Persian Gulf and parts of Asia college degree are important. In countries like Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia, Cambodia, and China the requirement is quite different and these countries hire English teachers without graduation. The information’s like the salary expectations, hiring seasons, visa requirements, and the degree requirements are available on the internet to help the people all over the world in terms of employment.

TEFL certificate

TEFL is the course which is especially meant to teach English as a foreign language (TEFL). This course is the professional qualification to work as a teacher in foreign countries. The website gives official information about the course details. To get the accent of the English language to listen to the real native speakers, chat with the native speakers and practice with more learning materials which are the ultimate solution to clear the exam with more marks or band.

Value of native English speaker

Latin America welcome the native and non-native English speakers whereas the Gulf countries like China, Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam prefer for the native English speaker only. There are some points to analyze if you are not a native English speaker.

Where can you work if you are a non-native English Speaker?

Think about the fluency of the language. Speaking is the measure of the language skills which says about the language skills. The qualification, experience, and the formal education show the accent of the student. The visa requirement differs from country to country and preparation is very must for improving the language skills.

Age factor

The age factor is considered an important factor in different countries. The French TAPIF assistantship program is especially meant for the age group of 20 to 35. If anyone wants to work abroad and they are below the age of 20 then it is difficult to get the teaching job due to the age factor. The interested candidate below the age of 20 can try for the summer camps or internship program to prepare them for the teaching job. If your age is above 50 then there are plenty of opportunities in countries like Southeast Asia, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

Emergency Fund

Planning is very important before traveling to abroad as law and order are different there. So, take enough money for the flights and the first-month living expenses. The emergency fund has to be checked before traveling abroad.

Teaching is not meant for anyone who possesses good communication or language skills. It is all about the hard work, dedication, time and energy contributed to the knowledge of the students. Start your journey towards the teaching profession with the mental preparation about the challenges one face in the teaching profession globally.

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