Pamper Yourself With A Rejuvenating Foot Massage

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After a long and tiring day, we will surely crave foot massage. We feel relaxed while getting a foot massage. When we are exhausted, the next moment we think of a foot massage that will give us a relaxing feel. If you are a person who has a short temper, sleeping disorder and mental issues then foot massage therapy is the best solution for you. Most of us think, foot massage only benefits our feet but the truth is the benefits of foot massage are enormous. Have you noticed why this massage relieves us from stress, tension, and promotes relaxation? Let us discuss these things in this blog. Get a relaxing foot massage by entering the Spa in Velachery. Book your appointment now!.

What is a foot massage?

Foot massage has been practiced for thousands of years and it improves our mental and physical health. The principle behind the foot massage is massaging the foot and applying force on the trigger points for removing all the blockages from the body. This makes you feel light, relaxed, and refreshed. The foot helps us in mobility, so taking care of our feet is a mandatory one. The foot consists of almost seven thousand nerves, twenty-six bones, thirty joints, and more than a hundred muscles. There are many pressure points in the feet, massaging them will give you many health benefits. Trigger points are very sensitive and applying pressure on them can improve the function of a specific organ. Get a rejuvenating foot massage by entering the best Massage Spa in Anna Nagar.

How to give a foot massage?

Let us discuss the common procedure of foot massage. The expert will take a small amount of foot massage oil in the palm. Then rub it on the foot till it produces heat on the skin. This will give you a warming feel. The expert will rub the upper part of the foot in slow motion using the thumb. Starting from the big toe up to the ankle will get rubbed gradually. Then rubbing the toe will be repeated with mild strokes. Then the expert will continue rubbing the foot downwards using the thumb. Further rubbing is given from the toe to the heel part. After completing the rubbing process, the expert will pull the toes using the index finger and the thumb. This will remove the knots from the toe and make you feel comfortable. Then the expert will complete the foot massage by sliding in between the toes. After completing these techniques the expert will apply pressure on the trigger point. Applying pressure on the foot massage pressure points will give you many benefits. At last, complete the massage by applying a moisturizer. Getting this foot massage from the hands of a professional is more beneficial. Get your professional massage at Le Bliss Spa that has a skilled therapist. Enter into the best Spa in Chennai for the best experience of foot massage.

Foot Massage Techniques

During a foot massage, the expert will use some additional techniques other than rubbing and sliding. Let me explain some common techniques briefly.

Warmup twist– This is one of the best techniques to begin the foot massage. The expert will use both hands on either side of the feet. The right side of the feet is pulled forward and the left side is pushed backward and vice versa. This motion will be repeated 3 to 4 times to warm up the foot. 

Arch rubs – Arch in the foot is nothing but the area in between the center on the foot(ball) and the heel. During this technique, the expert will hold the top side of the foot and rub the arch using the thumb of the other hand. The expert will repeat this almost 5 to 6 times.

Toe bends – The expert will hold the foot in one hand. Then the expert will pull and bend all the toes one by one by using the other hand. Repeating this for 4 to 5 will give you a relaxed feel. The expert will gradually increase the pressure of pulling.

Foot spread – For some people, their foot size will be very small and they don’t have the normal foot width. This technique will be very useful for them. In this technique, the expert will hold both sides of the foot and pull them outward. Repeating this technique will increase the width of the foot. 

Heel squeeze – The expert will work on the backside of the foot. The top of the foot will be held by one hand and the heel will be held in the other hand. The expert will squeeze and release the tension on the heel region. During this technique, your mind will feel relaxed and calm.

How do foot massages help women and pregnant ladies?

Foot massage benefits both men and women. Here, we are going to discuss some of the specific benefits of foot massage for women. As a multitasker, women face more stress, tension, work pressure, anxiety, family pressure, body pain and so on. The benefits of foot massage in women are regulated sleep, reduce body pain, relax your mind, promote good blood circulation, reduce menstrual cramps, and regulate the digestive system. At the time of pregnancy, every woman should be very careful. During that period, women suffer a lot of body pain and mental stress. In this case, a foot massage can help you a lot which will be discussed further.

Reduced stress and depression: During the period of pregnancy, women often have mood swings. They will feel happy, suddenly they will feel angry and get depressed for silly reasons. This will definitely affect the growth of the baby. Getting a 20 minutes foot massage a week will help you in reducing stress and depression.

Reduced cortisol level: Cortisol is nothing but a stress hormone that is secreted when we get stressed. During pregnancy time, women often get stressed lead to the high production of this hormone that may affect the baby. Massages will help you in reducing the production of stress hormones and increase the secretion of happy hormones. 

Benefits for the baby: If you get a massage regularly, it will lessen your chance of cesarean delivery. Sometimes, the baby will be premature and low in weight. Massages can help you in the good growth of the baby and also promote the health of the mother. 

Now, you will have a clear idea about foot massages and their benefits. If you want to get a Massage in Chennai then enter Le Bliss Spa that offers you all kinds of massage and spa services. 

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