How To Track The Success Of The Social Media Marketing?

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How To Track The Success Of The Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is an efficient channel to engage online customers. The social media pages like facebook and twitter have been used to update the regular information regarding the promotional activities of the business. Let me discuss in detail about how to track the success of social media marketing?


The new fans are the factor which shows increasing customer base to the business. Customers are the king of the business and the followers of the Facebook page imply that they want information about the product. If you go to the Facebook page and check the likes then the best period of your business is well known. The reaction to the post and the reaction to the new product information are analyzed using the Facebook page. The likes and the followers show the business insights to promote the product.

Time and Day of engagement

The day and the time when the audience uses the social media page is clearly known with the help of the Facebook page or twitter page. Facebook provides the engagement details with the statistics of the frequent visit of the customer. Twitter shows the changes in the engagement for the last 28 days.

Likes and shares

Analyze the likes and shares of a particular post. The direct response to the post influences the content of the post. The insights are known from the insights page with the click the post option, scroll down all the posts published and click the right drop down to know the reactions, comments, and shares of the concerned post in the Facebook. Twitter insights provide you the most popular tweets. The shares are assumed as the great impact among the customers than the likes as it helps to spread the message or the information regarding the product or service.

Tags by the viewers

The Facebook viewers and the twitter viewers tag the name for the services or sales you provide to the customers. Facebook page shows the notifications directly and the twitter page uses third party tools to track the mentions.


The demographic details of the Facebook page also provide the details to the business people regarding the area and age group in which the product is viewed for more times.

Thus, Social media marketing is the vast subject and the potential tool to promote the business. Linkedin, pinterest, snapchat, tumblr, twitter, viber, vk, WeChat, you tube and Weibo are the other types of social media to reach the end customers with interesting content, videos and images.

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