Different Types Of Construction Equipments

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Construction equipments

In construction projects, building construction equipment and construction machinery are used. Construction equipment refers to heavy-duty vehicles such as straddle carriers that are designed expressly for carrying out construction jobs, most typically earthwork operations. They are referred to as, heavy trucks, heavy machineries, engineering equipment, construction equipment, and heavy hydraulics.

Some of the most prevalent types of construction equipment include:

  • Equipment for material handling
  • Vehicles Used in Construction
  • Equipment for tunneling and handling
  • Earthmoving machines

Equipment for Material Handling


Forklifts are a type of material handling equipment. A side loader forklift is a self-propelled industrial truck that is used to lift and transport items over short distances. A forklift is a small industrial vehicle with a front-mounted, power-operated forked platform that can be lifted and lowered to lift and move freight. Side loaders are utilized in a range of industries, including warehouses and large storage facilities.


A crane is a machine that can transport things horizontally as well as raise and lower them. A hoist rope, wire ropes or chains, and sheaves are generally included. It is mostly used to lift and transport heavy goods to different locations.

Vehicles Used in Construction


A tipper is a heavy-duty truck chassis with an open-top body that is used to transport gravel, crushed rock, soil, and other bulk materials to and from job sites.


A trailer is a non-powered vehicle that is towed by a vehicle that is powered. It’s commonly used to transport goods and resources. Recreational vehicles, travel trailers, and mobile houses with modest living facilities where people can camp or stay are all examples of trailers.

Equipment for Tunneling and Handling

Conveyor systems efficiently, reliable, cost-effectively, and safely remove muck and spoil from tunneling excavation sites. Handling equipment like pipe handling, scrap handling equipment is designed to transport materials from the tunnel excavation site to the surface and beyond in a smooth and efficient manner.

Earthmoving Machines

Various excavation duties, such as excavating and moving the earth, are carried out with earthmoving equipment. Earth-moving equipment comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and is mostly used for repairing, constructing, elevating, agricultural, and demolition.


A loader is a machine that transports or loads materials like demolition waste, asphalt, dirt, gravel, snow, feed, recycled material, raw minerals, logs, sand, rock and other materials into or onto other machinery.

Loaders for Crawlers:

Crawler loaders are heavy-duty earth-moving equipment with the power of a dozer and the ability to load and lift large loads.

Graders (Motor Graders):

A grader, also known as a road grader or a motor grader, is a construction machine with a long blade that is used to grade land.

These are the different types of construction equipment.

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