Why Do We Use JMeter For Load Testing?

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Why Do We Use JMeter For Load Testing?

Every web application in history has had a maximum load capacity. If the load exceeds the capacity of a web application, the application may become slow, create problems, or simply become worthless. As a result, performing load testing as part of performance testing becomes critical. 

JMeter is the most important tool used to accomplish this load testing, and we typically refer to it as JMeter Load Testing.

The Apache JMeter, sometimes known as the JMeter, is free and open-source software. The software is a pure Java application created to load test functional behaviour and measure performance. To know more about the Apache Jmeter, join Jmeter Online Training and stay updated with the latest Apache JMeter software.

JMeter was originally designed to test applications, but with various developments, it has grown to several more test functions. It is used to carry out performance, functional, and load testing. The software simulates considerable stress on a server or a group of servers to test and analyse the strength under various load types.

We utilise JMeter for a variety of reasons, including: 

1)It Is Free Of Charge

JMeter is a free open-source software application.

2)Application Performance Evaluation

The programme assesses the performance of various applications, such as online applications, online services, LDAP, databases, and shell scripts.

3)Platform Independent

Because JMeter is a pure Java application, it can run on various platforms.


JMeter provides performance testing and non-functional tests such as Stress Testing, Web Service Testing, and Distributed Testing.

5)Recording And Playback

The application includes record and playback options and a drag-and-drop capability, making the application faster and easier to use.


Because JMeter is an open-source tool, developers can customise it as needed.

7)Community Support

The application includes numerous tutorials and community support. There are free plugins available to assist with many elements of analysis. 

Thus the reasons to use the Jmeter for load testing are free of charge, application performance evaluation, platform-independent, support, recording and playback, customisable and community support. To know more about the JMeter, join Jmeter Training In Chennai at FITA Academy.