What Are The Different Ionic Editors?

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What Are The Different Ionic Editors?

A front-end SDK framework called Ionic is free, open-source, and allows you to build mobile apps for iOS, Windows, and Android devices from a single codebase. It demonstrates that it can function as a cross-platform tool for mobile development. In this blog, we have discussed the different ionic editors to know more, join Ionic Training In Chennai.  

You can build hybrid mobile applications with this technology. With the aid of web applications and languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular, and Typescript, this platform enables you to create mobile applications. Ionic is made up of several parts that offer mobile platform capabilities. Ionic offers many behaviours besides the feature. Ionic has effective performance and requires little DOM manipulation.

You can make code files for any language using editors. Since ES6 and typescript are the foundation of Ionic, the editor must be able to support both. The most popular editors for creating Ionic applications are listed below.

1)VS Code

This editor supports typescript and ES6 syntax. You can download the typescript definition files from the website and incorporate them with this IDE. This editor is free and is compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux.


This robust IDE fully supports Javascript, HTML, CSS, and many more web technologies. This IDE costs money but has many features that improve your development. Webstorm supports Ionic and Angular syntax.


GitHub created the open-source, free IDE called Atom. It is an HTML, CSS, and Javascript-completely customised cross-platform source code editor. Installing third-party packages and themes enables you to design features for your applications that are entirely customisable. All versions of the operating system support this editor.


It is free and open-source to use this editor. The development of typescripts works best with this editor. Any system with Chrome and Node will be able to use this editor. This IDE can be hosted on a system and server with an internet connection. It is simple to use and handle.

5)Angular IDE by Webclipse

Especially for typescript and angular programming, this is an open-source IDE. Additionally, it offers integrated terminal support that enables NPM management. Along with HTML support, it will also give Angular CLI support.

Thus, some ionic editors are VS Code, WebStorm, Atom, ALM, and Angular IDE by Webclipse.To gain more information about the ionics, join the Ionic Online Course to learn at your own pace. FITA Academy provides hundred per cent placements for students.