Types Of Reports

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Types Of Reports

There are four types of reports prepared during the evolution of the project and they are a status report, risk reports, executive reports, and resource reports. Project reports are prepared to plan the technical details and the economic status of the project. Some of the checkpoints before writing the reports are the customization, progress, result oriented reports, and organized reports. Let us discuss the types of reports prepared during the project life cycle.

Status Reports

Regularly the status reports are prepared weekly or monthly to convey the status of the project. During the implementation phase, the status reports are produced on daily basis. The frequency depends upon the tenure of the project.

Risk Reports

Risk reports are prepared after committing the risk in the project. The detailed problems related to the risks are mentioned here. It is the part of the project management software and if there is a necessity to maintain it separately in a spreadsheet then it is easy to do this.

Executive Report

The stakeholders and the project team need to know about the status and the key points about the project. These details are mentioned in the executive report. Make the reports reachable to the members. The format in which the members use the report like the e-mail or pdf or spreadsheet to reach the members. The real-time dashboard reports are also added to the report to make the report lively.

Resource Reports

The coding part is divided into many parts and to know about the work resource report is used. Most of the tools used for the project manager will use the resource report and the timesheets are helpful to get the information’s needed. The tasks, team leader and the team members are clearly mentioned in the resource report. After comparing the resource reports and the timeline give an idea about the project schedule.

Tools like a Gantt chart, logic network, PERT chart, product breakdown structure, and work breakdown structure are the wide range of tools for the project management. Gantt chart shows the time and interdependencies when completing the project tasks. Logic network indicates the timescale for the project, workflow and valuable information for the project. PERT Chart is used to complete a project with respect to time. This tool is used for time management. WBS is used to hierarchical order in which the deliverables are used.

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