Referencing Right: Fresher’s Guide

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Referencing Right Fresher's Guide

As a fresher entering the job market, one of the key factors that can set you apart from other candidates is having strong references. References provide potential employers valuable insights into your skills, work ethic, and character. Building a solid network of references is crucial for establishing credibility and increasing your chances of securing desirable opportunities. This essay will assist you in navigating this crucial part of your professional journey by examining the dos and don’ts of obtaining solid recommendations as a fresher.

Do Establish Relationships Early

Start building relationships with professionals, including those associated with Oracle Careers, who can serve as your references early on. This could include professors, supervisors from internships or part-time jobs, or industry mentors. Cultivate these relationships by actively seeking guidance, delivering exceptional work, and demonstrating your commitment and passion for your chosen field. Building rapport and trust with potential references takes time, so it’s important to establish these connections early in your career.

Don’t Assume Everyone Will Be a Good Reference

While it may be tempting to include everyone you know as a reference, it’s essential to choose wisely. Ensure your references attest to your qualifications, prowess, and work ethic. Choose those who have directly supervised you or are knowledgeable about your skills. Having references who can provide specific examples of your accomplishments and contributions is important.

Do Maintain Professionalism and Communication

Once you have established relationships with potential references, it’s crucial to maintain professionalism and regular communication. Keep your references updated on your career progress, share notable achievements, and express gratitude for their support. Additionally, be responsive to their inquiries and requests, as maintaining strong lines of communication is vital in nurturing these relationships.

Don’t Forget to Ask for Permission

Before listing someone, including those within the Volvo Careers community, as a reference, always ask for their permission. Respect their time and ensure they are comfortable providing a reference for you. By asking for permission, you allow them the opportunity to decline or provide valuable feedback on areas where you can improve.

Do Provide Relevant Information

When requesting someone to be a reference, provide them with relevant information about the position or opportunity you are applying for. Share your updated resume, a job description summary, and key points you would like them to emphasize when speaking about your qualifications. This will help your references tailor their responses to highlight your strengths and align with the potential employer’s needs.

Don’t Forget to Follow Up and Express Gratitude

After someone has served as your reference, don’t forget to follow up and express your gratitude, including those associated with Chargebee Careers. Send a personalised thank-you note or email, acknowledging their support and the time they dedicated to speaking on your behalf. Maintaining positive relationships with your references is essential for future endeavours and networking opportunities.


Building strong references as a fresher is crucial to your career journey. You may build a network of references who can attest to your abilities and character by adhering to the dos and don’ts listed in this article. Remember to cultivate relationships early, choose references wisely, maintain professionalism and communication, ask for permission, provide relevant information, and express gratitude. Strong references can greatly enhance your chances of securing desirable job opportunities and contribute to long-term success.