How Can Kotlin Be Used For Web Development?

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Kotlin Training In Chennai

The business JetBrains, which supplies integrated development environments (IDEs) for programming languages, developed the programming language Kotlin in 2011. Since then, it has supplanted Java in many software projects and grown to be a favored language among developers. For those interested in learning Kotlin, pursuing Kotlin Training in Chennai offered by FITA Academy would be a valuable step to gain proficiency in this versatile programming language.

What are the Kotlin Advantages?

Lead Developer Dmitry Jemerov started looking for features in Java that he couldn’t find, which led to the birth of Kotlin. Although it took too long to compile, Scala, another language that drives on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), was nearly what he was looking for.

  • All it takes is a script to convert a Java file to a Kotlin one.
  • Programming in asynchronous mode is simplified with Kotlin. It is awkward and difficult to make asynchronous database and network calls with Java. Because of coroutines, asynchronous programming in Kotlin is easy and effective.
  • Kotlin deals with nulls. If you’re not ready for a null in Java, it can cause a program to crash. To stop similar crashes in Kotlin, you can add a basic operator to variables that might be null.
  • Making the move to Kotlin is simple. You don’t have to update all of your code at once because Kotlin and Java are entirely interoperable. A

What Is Kotlin Used For?

Kotlin can operate alongside Java and is meant to run on a Java virtual machine. Kotlin was first developed primarily as a language for Android development, but due to its features, it swiftly became popular in the Java community and has since been used for a wide range of applications.

Android development

As we have indicated, Kotlin is the language of choice for Android developers because it enables them to write safer, more expressive, and more succinct code. If you want to learn more about Kotlin Android Development, join the Kotlin Online Course to improve your knowledge.

Back-end web development

Java is used extensively in back-end web development, using frameworks such as Spring. However, because Kotlin was so much more user-friendly for developers, it gained traction in server-side web development.

Full-stack web development

Using Kotlin for server-side web development makes sense. Java has been in use since its creation, after all. However, Kotlin can also be used with Kotlin/JS for front-end development.

Multi-platform mobile development

The goal of Kotlin Multi-platform Mobile is to serve as a software development kit for the purpose of building cross-platform mobile apps. This implies that you will be able to create apps that work on iPhones, Apple Watches, and Android phones all from a single Kotlin code base. 

For individuals seeking Kotlin expertise, a Training Institute in Chennai can provide valuable education and hands-on experience in utilizing Kotlin for various applications, including Android development, back-end web development, full-stack web development, and multi-platform mobile development.