Easiest Foreign Language To Learn

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Easiest Foreign Language To Learn

The grammar part, pronunciation, writing and speaking is some of the aspect in the language which makes it easy and tough. Let me discuss in detail about the different foreign languages like Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, and German and the easiest foreign language to learn. To translate or understand any language the fundamental structure is very important. The subject-object-verb is the fundamental structure in the English language and the fundamental structure of the Chinese language is the subject-object-verb. Thus the pattern or the sentence formation differs from language to language. Let me see the difficulty level in learning the different foreign languages.


The speaking, grammar, writing and learning of the Spanish language is comparatively easy in the Spanish language. The word order in the Spanish language is subject+verb+rest of the sentences. The pronunciation in the Spanish language is very easy as like English and most of the words are pronounced as it is said. Resumes with bilingual skills are given more importance when searching for a job abroad.


The second easiest foreign language to learn is Italian language where the speaking and the grammar are easy but the writing is moderately easy. The Italian language is a straight forward language where the pronunciation and the sentence structure are easy as like English and Spanish. The structure is the subject-verb-object. The language pronunciation is highly rhythmic which provokes many people to learn and speak the Italian language.


French language has vowel sounds and silent letters which make the French language as a difficult language. The Latin vocabulary in the French language makes French as a familiar language to the English speakers. Gendered words are easy to learn in French language. French is the language wide spread all over the world with 220 million people in five continents. There are more conjugations and less verb conjugations in the French language. Some words in the French language are non-phonetic which is difficult to write. The speaking and writing are different in some cases in the French language.


Portuguese is the language with moderate level of difficulty. The interrogatives are fairly easy in the Portuguese language and these interrogatives are fairly easy. The vowels in the Portuguese language are nasal vowels and with the regular practice it is easy to learn the Portuguese language.


German is the tough language as the words are long and it is a descriptive language. German grammar is logical to understand and it ends with four noun case.

The passion towards the language creates the interest to learn multiple languages and become a bilingual. Foreign languages widen the job opportunities and open the door to multiple opportunities like the translators, tutors and procurement specialists in the software industry. The language skills and the technical skills are the skills required to search job in the international market.

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