3 Simple Steps To Apply For Canada Permanent Residency

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Canada Immigration Chennai

Canada permanent residency is the most sought visa category by skilled professionals across the globe. It is a 5 years multiple entry visa that allows foreigners to settle in Canada. Once after 3 years of stay in Canada, one can change the PR status to Canadian citizenship. Check your CRS score and receive an Invitation to Apply are the three easy ways to apply for Canadian permanent residency. It has various benefits like both the family members can work in Canada. Free education and free medicines are also provided by the Canadian government. Easy access to the USA. All these make it the number one sought-after country in the entire universe. Consultancy for Canada in Chennai assists us with a clear picture of the immigration process and the further steps to be taken. 

Check your points followed by an education assessment by WES:

A comprehensive ranking system is a tool to calculate the score based on the answer we provide. CRS is a point-based system that assesses the profile and ranks us in the Express Entry pool. 

The CRS score yield reports based on the assessment of your:

  1. Skills
  2. Education
  3. Language ability
  4. Work experience
  5. Other factors

WES is the world education service that provides candidates with an easy online application. It has detailed instructions on all the required documents and helps us to track the status anytime. Completed WES reports are also mailed to the respective candidate. 

Consultants in Bangalore are unique and are known for their efficient services. Best immigration consultants in Bangalore offer a customer-driven service for those who wish to immigrate to foreign from India. 

Apply through Express Entry pool:

Candidates can apply through an online portal called Express Entry Pool. Once applied based on the CRS score, they get selected and ranked accordingly. For applying one must have at least one year of work experience for entering as a skilled professional. Should be able to score a minimum of seven in the approved language test. Express Entry is the way to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker. One can follow the instructions in the guide and complete the application form accordingly. One can submit the permanent residence application through this process. 

Receive an Invitation To Apply:

The candidate must meet certain criteria to receive the Invitation to Apply through the express entry pathway. Candidates must demonstrate that he is an eligible skilled worker and fits in the immigration programs that are aligned with the express entry. ITA is a document issued by IRCC to the candidates. With this the candidates can apply for PR in Canada. Once you receive the ITA, the candidate will be given 60 days to apply for permanent residence in Canada. Make the final application with all the relevant documents and the fees. The following application is submitted through IRCC online portal. 

Canada visa office Bangalore provides unique services and gives all the required assistance for Canadian immigration. Use the Canadian immigration consultants for their outstanding services. 

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